potsc shoot Posted by Mike Foster:

0. Got an advance copy of Carlos Whittaker's new album. It's hot. I've been listening to it A LOT! And I love that the song "God of Second Chances" was inspired by our little black and white POTSC sticker. It comes out in April.

1. On Friday we shot our first POTSC video how our broken parts can be made beautiful. Prolifik Films shot Stephanie's story and you can see the pics here. Will be available at the end of March.

2. Charles Lee is hosting the Ideation Conference in April. Love what Charles is doing. Get the deets.

3. I'm heading to Bangkok, Thailand next week. Excited to be connecting with friends from Newsong BKK and other orgs. Not excited about the 18 hour non-stop flight.

4. Hijacked has been a great series! If you have missed any of it visit Central's media page.

5. I'm reading the new book by Dan and Chip Heath about change called "Switch." Reading it on my Iphone. I'm curious, does anybody by real books anymore?

6. Currently we have 6,918 peeps part of the People of the Second Chance Fan page. Take a moment and share the link on your FB profile page. Can we break 7000?

7. Apple has "Mac Evangelists." Star Trek has "Trekkies." What about calling people who are raving fans of grace and second chances "TWOFERS?" Just a thought.

Mike Foster