alg_tiger-woods Posted by Mike Foster:

I know we could stir up a lot of debate around what happened at Tiger Woods' press conference. Especially if we discussed whether he meant it, the format, and all the other juicy details that the public seems to be so obsessed with these days.

But we aren't TMZ or The View who profit from trashing, analyzing, and questioning everything. And we don't exploit the pain of others.

So here are my simple thoughts.

I unashamedly support Tiger, can't wait for him to play golf again, and pray that his marriage survives this crisis. I'm 100% in his corner.

What stood out to me on Friday? It was the people sitting in the front row.

His Mom who he hugged right after. A top executive from Nike whose company has refused to bail on him. And one of his best friends, fellow golfer Notah Begay, who has stood by Tiger since his college days.

The front row statement was profound. On the peaks, in the deepest valleys, we stand with our son, friend, and colleague. Let the crap hit the fan, we aren't going anywhere.

We could all learn a lesson from that.

Mike Foster