career_success Posted by Jud Wilhite:

It used to be that when revenue or growth was flat or declining in both the for profit and non-profit sector, we’d ask, “What are we missing? What are we doing wrong?”

As a pastor, these were questions I would ask when the indicators of health that we looked at were showing signs of weakness.

But things are different now. Reality is different. It is hard to even know what questions to ask with the economy in the state that it has been in. Your church or your business may be taking a hard economic hit and may be doing everything right. We’re still adjusting to what the new reality will be.

Everything I read about my local economy in Las Vegas says that if we get to the end of 2010 and we are at the same place we were at toward the end of 2009 economically, we should do back flips for joy.

Everything I read about non-profits says that if your giving for 2010 stays at levels even close to 2009 you should be thankful.

Flat is the new good.

What do you think?