icecreamsundaePosted by Mike Foster:

I've stopped listening to stories that end so.....perfectly. Not that I have anything against stories like that but I am just not that interested.

I'm more captivated by the unresolved, complicated, messy, still being worked out story. The story called REAL LIFE! That resonates with me more than the image management propaganda we tell each other.

Let me be honest...I have LESS perfectly happy ending stories. I have a bunch of rough around the edges stories that are frankly...not perfect. And you probably do too. And yet we love to put the best spin on everything. We love the thought of everything ending well with a big cherry on top but that isn't the journey we've been promised.

And just a note to my preacher friends (who I love.) We're skeptical of your life stories that always end so wonderfully, with crystal clear resolution, and the they lived happily ever after. I'm not really buying it and I'm guessing neither is your congregation.

Listen, nothing wrong with a good heartwarming and inspiring story but if that's all we're talking about...well you're selling us (and yourself) a bunch of BS.

Mike Foster