Posted by Mike Foster: The worst form of censorship is when we edit our story to make it acceptable to others.

We give people the version that is most palatable. The story we think they can "handle." We take a BIG black marker and cross out the...scandal, affair, bankruptcy, depression, addiction.

We love to eliminate whatever piece of our life that people would find challenging. We censor that plot line that would put into jeopardy someone truly accepting us.

You know who loves to censor information? Communists. Hyper-religious. Dictators. Institutions. The Powerful.

Btw, these groups are also very skilled in the art of propaganda, deception and control. Book burnings anyone?

Our challenge as People of the Second Chance is to be...Authentic. Real. Broken and Beautiful.

So throw away the BIG black marker and stop censoring your story.

We want to know you. The whole you. We can handle it.

Mike Foster