Posted by Mike Foster:

So this Sunday I'm totally super excited to be speaking at Moment Church in Orange County. We are having a "Second Chance Sunday" where I will be speaking on grace, failure, comfort zones and taking real risks.

Now probably a lot of you haven't heard of Moment...yet.

Right now they are just having "family gatherings" (see pic above) and the church will officially launch in the Spring.

Moment was started by one of the most talented and dynamic leaders I know....Tony Wood.

I've known Tony and his amazing wife Bre for a few years now. I've watched this couple passionately impact lives. I watched them launch a mid-week service and grow it from 0 to 2000 people in 2 years! Then God surprisingly and clearly called them to leave and start Moment in Orange County. They risked everything and went for it! Totally inspiring and real!

I've also seen how their very own "second chance" story has unfolded to make them one of the most effective couples in ministry I know. Their personal story is powerful, redemptive and fueled by Gracenomics. Honestly, I love being on this journey with them.

One of the things that I respect most about Tony and Moment's DNA is their principle of "No One Alone." Btw, it means exactly what it sounds like...NO ONE ALONE!

This simple value of community has always driven Tony's strategy and thinking. And it works BIG TIME! The results are undeniable.

I can't wait for Sunday. I can't wait for when Moment Church officially launches and invades Southern California with radical grace and turns affluence into influence. I'm so pumped about this unfolding story of second chances.



Mike Foster