Posted by Mike Foster:

I just finished reading the brand new book "The Next Christians: The Good News About The End Of Christian America" by Gabe Lyons.

There are very few books that I actually can't wait to read....this book was definitely one of them. I had high hopes and expectations. The book delivers....BIG!

I truly believe "The Next Christians" will be the new road map for future discussions about our faith. With clarity and conviction, Gabe has created a fresh language and framework for what Christianity actually is.

76% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. However, many are ashamed to carry that label for good reasons. I know I cringe when I see what gets labeled as a representation of my faith. You probably do too.

Though the research shows that cultures perception of Christians is overwhelming negative, Gabe offers an incredibly optimistic and positive scenario for the future of Christianity. It's not hype either. It's a reality that is happening right now.

This book is a breath of fresh air that shares insights and stories of people who are dedicated to be a force of restoration for the gospel.

The Next Christians is a thoughtful analysis of the major issues(both good and bad) and lays out a plan for how to set a new tone and agenda for believers.

For example, Gabe shares that the "next Christians" are still pro-life but have turned their energy towards the adoption movement instead of protesting at abortion clinics.

Now I realize I may be a little biased because Gabe is someone I highly respect and he is a great friend. But because of that I can tell you that all of us should be paying very close attention to what he is saying.

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Mike Foster