Posted by Mike Foster: So I got a text today that said someone I knew was talking smack about me.

Hurtful smack! Yes, believe it or not, some folks out their think I'm a complete a-hole. I know, I know, it's hard to fathom but it is true. (sarcasm)

So I was ticked. My heart rate quickened. My emotions kicked in. The adrenaline dumped into my bloodstream and I was off and running.

I started methodically listing out the next steps of how I was going to deal with this swiftly and directly.

I was not going to take this crap and what was being said about me was pure stupid. And stupid will be met with force.

Thoughts raced through my head of how I was going to confront it head on. Lots of different scenarios with different levels of Mike Foster retribution.

Fire off emails. Bring in backup. Dial the digits. AND BRING THE HEAT!

After about 10 minutes of letting this situation dominate every inch of my mind space and emotions, I paused for a second.

And this thought hit me. What if this person didn't actually say that? What if I was getting some bad or semi-embellished information?

I slowed down and thought maybe I should give this person the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I should get the facts FIRST HAND before I bring the wrath.

Guess what? The whole thing was bogus. The text I got was completely wrong.

Right now I'm embarrassed about my initial response. Clearly not my best or proudest moment. This whole thing was a total waste of emotion, energy and took me down a path I shouldn't of been on.

Hopefully next time I will get to the "benefit of the doubt" a little faster.

So can you relate? And if you can't relate, then tell us how you do it?

Mike Foster