Posted by Sarah:

The word is a social and theological eyebrow raiser.

But, I don"t know if you"ve noticed? It has also found its way into American slang.

The boss is eliminating Casual Fridays = "That"s so gay."
The grocery cashier overcharged me = "She"s so gay."
That kid just did something socially awkward = "He"s so gay."

Pop-culturally, GAY no longer just refers to the gender a person is attracted to.
It"s become a loose synonym for "stupid" "idiotic" or "loser".
In short, GAY has become an insult.

I"ll be honest. I"ve had a few social slipups--times when I"ve dropped this usage myself.
But when I have, even though it might"ve snagged a laugh or two and even though no one registered disapproval, I want you to know something.
It made my soul feel stingy.

Because you know what?
Even though I believe God"s design for humans paired men with women,
I have some people in my life for whom GAY is part of their identity.
Some wonder if they might be gay and are terrified about it.
Some have fought agonizing battles of the soul in their prayers about it.
Some are openly gay but it has kasyna polska brought them painful isolation--maybe particularly in the faith world.
Some have been out of the closet for years and are trying desperately to integrate their ideas about faith with their ideas about their sexuality.
And still some believe their sexual preferences sever them from the church and God altogether.

What all their stories have in common is pain and struggle.
They"ve all faced or are facing stages that are heavy and tearful and starved for God"s and others" love.
And well, it"s just not the stuff of funny insults.

My theology doesn"t align with some of my gay friends" ideas about sexuality. It doesn"t.
But you know what?
JUST AS IMPORTANTLY, my theology doesn"t align with trampling vulnerable people either.

So I"ve decided that, at least for me, GAY is not an insult. Are you with me?