Posted by Mike Foster: I've been watching a new show called Hoarders on A & E.  It is a fascinating look inside the lives of people who can't part with their belongings.

The show demonstrates hoarding that is so out of control that their homes wreak of rotting food, stuffed with junk, and their residences are on the verge of being condemned.

It's sad, tragic and disturbing to watch.

When we collect grace in our lives and yet refuse to give it out we become GRACE HOARDERS. And tragically as GRACE HOARDERS we become just as foul as the homes that are on the verge of being condemned.

Mercy comes into our lives and then it's to suppose to generously flow out to others. That is the natural cycle. It's not meant to be piled up in a box in the corner. 

So as PEOPLE OF THE SECOND CHANCE the challenge is to let out mercy. Release grace. Pour out forgiveness. For your ex. For Tiger. Your spouse. That critic. Your failed parents.

Stop holding it in.

Mike Foster