Posted by Jud Wilhite: Years ago I heard Chuck Swindoll talk about a time Corrie Ten Boom, the Holocaust Survivor, approached him after a speaking event. His kid was pulling on her dress and she asked, “Is this your son?” When he said yes she took both hands in his and looked him in the eye. She said, “Hold everything loosely….” Coming from a Holocaust survivor this tends to carry a whole different level of gravity for me.

Spiritually, holding everything loosely means we acknowledge all we have comes from God and we surrender our life back to him. Holding everything loosely allows us to take more risks. We get more concerned about our effectiveness than our reputation. We care less about who gets the credit and more about getting the job done. We keep things in perspective. We work hard, but God has the results.

It is a lot less stressful to live with an open hand to God than a clinched fist.

What do you need to release your grip on today?