Posted by Mike Foster and Jud Wilhite: So what do you say in your first post on the first day of a new movement about second chances? (Btw, this will probably be our longest post too...from here on out, MUCH SHORTER!)

The first thing we want to say is "Thank you."

Thank you for joining us. Thank you for your contribution over the past couple weeks in helping us get this started. Thanks for your phone calls, emails, messages, texts, tweets, retweets, posting to FB profiles, blog posts, and your kindness through this really hard season. 

You will never know how much it meant to us. On those difficult days where we wanted to throw in the towel or punch a wall, you were there. And it means a lot. Now we want to be there for each other.    

We want to say thank you to all 5000 of you who joined our Facebook group and those who are now following us on Twitter.  Special thanks to our friend Jim Gray who led this charge. WOW!

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People of the Second Chance gives voice to a scandalous movement of radical grace in life and leadership. We challenge the common misconceptions about failure and success and stand with those who have hit rock bottom in their personal and professional lives. We are a community that is committed to stretch ourselves in the areas of relational forgiveness, personal transparency, and advocate for mercy over judgment.

We are not ashamed of our scars, wounds, or failures and leverage them as a source of strength and character development.

We support social justice organizations and advocate for the vulnerable, forgotten, and left behind.

All are welcome here but in many ways this place  is  for the busted up, messed up, and broken down. Grace is really messy so lets just plan on this being a messy place. You see we want this to be a community of  both the betrayed and the betrayers. The victims and the perpetrators. We want this to be a gathering of healing for those who have been wronged and those who were wrong. Why? Because we believe grace, renewal, and second chances fall on both sides.    

It's important to know that POTSC is not just about embracing our failures and wallowing in our pain. We want to challenge each other to dream about what we do after we've messed it all up. We are about admitting our failures authentically, ammending our wrongs adequately, and then getting back to work. This is about action steps, practical application, shooting straight and moving forward.  

Over the next weeks we have A LOT to talk about. We will be sharing more about what it means to be a part of People of the Second Chance and more core values. Some of our blog posts you will love and we are sure some of the ideas you will disagree with. But all of it will make us better at  living out radical grace in life and leadership.  



  1. We will be blogging 4-5 posts a week. You can subscribe here. We promise to share as transparently as we possibly can hoping that it will help you on your journey. Also, both of us will be actively engaged in the comments section as you share your thoughts.   

2. We are excited to be partnering with Dave and Nick at Prolifik Films to do a series of videos around the themes, concepts and stories of People of the Second Chance. It's going to blow your mind!

3. We are going to do 6 online events in the first part of 2010 revolving around radical grace in life and leadership.

4. There are no plans to revamp, revise, or rewrite Deadly Viper Character Assassins or it's material. All our focus, priorities, and efforts will be directed towards People of the Second Chance and this new opportunity.    

5. For the masses of people who signed up to get a POTSC sticker, we are printing labels and stamping and licking envelopes like crazy right now.  They are coming soon.

6. We LOVE our new blog designed by PlainJoe Studios and are looking for additional ways to better serve people online through technology and the web.

7. We are working on a People of the Second Chance t-shirt. We will tell you how to get your hands on one soon.

8. We are energized about the partnerships that are forming with organizations like Catalyst , Prison Fellowship, and others.

9. We will be speaking at different events and conferences on the topics of People of the Second Chance. We will be posting upcoming events on this blog.  

Welcome to People of the Second Chance.

Mike Foster