We are excited to to share thoughts from Charles Lee, author of the new book Good Idea. Now What? There was a time when POTSC was just an idea, swirling around our heads as a combination of experiences, thoughts, emotions, and inspiration.  Getting from idea to action is sometimes the hardest part, and Charles' insight should be helpful to anyone brimming with inspiration. Also, be sure to check out a free sample of his new book!

GOOD IDEA. NOW WHAT? By Charles Lee:

I love being inspired.

I think inspiration is essential to fueling our creativity. Inspiration touches us at our core and moves us to care about the things that really matter.

Unfortunately, inspiration alone can’t change our world. Ideas need to be embodied and actualized. Otherwise, they simply remain as thoughts in our minds or words on paper.

Yes, ideas are not enough.

Good ideas need things like intentional strategy, implementation processes, sustainable infrastructure, collaborative teams, viable networks, smart branding, and a deep commitment to hard work to see everything through. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

Nevertheless, it’s not impossible. Ideas can be implemented well by anyone who truly considers their concepts worth actualizing. Do you really believe in the ideas that run around your mind and keep you up late at night? The good news is that many of these elements needed for implementation have proven principles and insights you could leverage to help take your ideas to market.

This is why I wrote the book “Good Idea. Now What?” This book was written for on-the-go idea-makers (yes, people like you!). Written in 40 short, stand alone (yet connected) chapters filled with practical principles, insights, and next steps. The book is designed to be clear and concise for those of us who don’t need 10 stories to get the point. Got a few minutes? Finish a chapter and continue to move forward with your idea. Learn from some of the best implementers out there like Soledad O’Brien of CNN, Scott Harrison of charity: water, Ben Keesey of Invisible Children, and Blake Mycoskie of TOMS.

Our world needs your ideas! I hope that this book can help you make your ideas a reality. Here's a free sample to get you started!

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