image We've been hearing about Ted Williams -- the homeless man with the "Golden Voice" -- off and on for about a year now.  Given a second chance after  his sudden YouTube fame, things seemed to be looking up for Ted.  Years of addiction proved hard to shake though, and his second chance didn't quite work out. This is usually where we say, "well, at least we tried, but what did you expect?"  Many of us probably did say that.

But that's not the end of the story.  Ted is a real person, not an abstract headline, and his life continued after the attention faded.  He pressed through recovery, shifting his failed second chance into a still-unfolding third chance.

Cord Jefferson writes:

"At the time of his unraveling, I said I hoped he might be able to have a comback to his comback.  If there's such a thing as a second chance, there should be a third chance too."

Jefferson goes on to write that Ted's third chance has arrived, in the form of a Kraft Valentines Day Twitter campaign.  Using the hashtag #VoiceOfLove, you can submit comments and questions, and Ted will personally respond with his beautiful voice!

As People of the Second Chance community, we can raise our voices for new chances tangibly today, tomorrow -- all this week -- by tweeting #VoiceOfLove. We all deserve a comeback to our comeback and let's come together to make our #VoiceOfLove strong.

We are People of the Second Chance and together, we have a #VoiceOfLove."

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And check out the video from Kraft: