An Unlikely Trophy For The Panthers

We have some big Carolina Panthers football fans on the People of the Second Chance team.  So, we were really sad when they didn’t win the Super Bowl.  However, we were pretty happy to hear about the unlikely trophy they did receive. According to, a young girl named Kelsey brought Panthers quarterback Cam Newton her soccer trophy.  She colored a sign that read “Cam’s The Man.”  Her hopes were to lift his spirits after the letdown of losing the Super Bowl.

Often, we feel like Kelsey. We have a friend who is feeling the sting of loss.  Their marriage is falling apart. Their ministry is suffering.  Life didn’t turn out like they thought it would. We want to offer them something, anything, to help them out.  So what do we do?  Is there something we have to give that could turn their life around?

Next week, on February 16, People of the Second Chance is releasing the answer.  We've set up an online e-course to equip anyone who wants to help others with the tools they need to positively impact the lives of those around them.  Rescue Academy is made up of seven short and simple sessions that will teach you how to be the rescuer your team needs.

Stay tuned to find out more and join us for Rescue Academy.





kaley thompson