Is Rescue Academy For You?

Author Ernest Hemingway once said, “The world breaks everyone.” He’s right isn’t he?

And that is why we created the Rescue Academy E-course which launched today.

Think about it: 1 in 10 Americans are currently clinically depressed. 1 in 4 has an addiction. 1 in 7 people engage in self-injury. 1 in 10 have attempted suicide.

Bumping into someone dealing with depression, addiction or shame is inevitable. However, the outcome of your interaction with them isn’t. You can transform someones life through a coffee shop conversation. You can become awesome at helping people. You can be a shame breaker and live-giver.

Rescue Academy was created for: Teachers who work with students who are hurting. Church leaders who want to improve their counseling skills. Parents who want to connect with their kids better. Moms who find themselves counseling other moms. Small group leaders and team coaches.

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How exactly do I start making a difference in someones life? What does it look like to love someone without enabling their destructive behavior? What can I do to transform my everyday meetings into miracle moments? How do I prevent burn out while helping others?

As a rescuer, we want to answer these questions for you and equip you with the tools you need to effectively use your story to stir up hope in others and champion second chances. Sign up for Rescue Academy today. 


kaley thompson