Bad Things Can Be Used For Good

By Mike Foster Did you know that anything bad can be used for good?

With the rise in social media, the world has discovered a new form of bullying. Cyber bullying. People are commenting on their peers social media posts with negative messages. While some people have chosen to use the Instagram world to hurt others, posted a unique story about a young man named Konner Sauve who decided to use it to heal.

As a high school senior, Konner decided to rebuttal the online bullying with encouragement. He started an anonymous Instagram account and began posting pictures of fellow classmates with a comment that listed their best qualities. Soon, the school began noticing and the encouragement became contagious. Other students followed his example and posted further positive statements about featured classmates.

What started as a simple idea to uplift others turned into a movement that featured all 673 of Konner’s classmates and gained about 9,000 followers at the time.

Konner kept his Instagram identity a mystery until he was named class valedictorian and had to give a graduation speech. He surprised the entire school by sharing that he was the anonymous account that launched this trend of positive social media posting. They cheered!

In the end, I realized that we are all the benevolent ones in our way and actions of how we treat others,” stated Konner in the article. “I wish that the next generations take over and find bolder ways to express positivity and encouragement… Keep on keeping on.

Turning something from negative to positive is all about deciding to look at something differently. It’s about choosing to take action when nobody else is. So, when you start to think something is bad, realize you hold the power to make a change. So use your powers for good- smile, hold a hand, make a positive comment. You never know the difference you could make.

As you go out overcome bad with good in the world, receive this benediction from Konner Sauve, “Keep on keeping on."

Mike Foster is the founder of People of the Second Chance and the author of Freeway: A Not So Perfect Guide To Freedom. He lives in San Diego with his family and fluffy dog.

Mike Foster