By Desirae Schneider: Why People of a "Second Chance"?   What's so special about a "second chance"?

As part of the POTSC community, I LOVE these types of questions. They spark conversation, and conversation sparks a heartbeat, and a heartbeat is all grace needs to make a radical difference.

So what is so special about a second chance?  EVERYTHING.

A second chance is the most powerful thing you can extend to another person.

It amplifies love. It restores hope. It redeems value. It rises above the tides of judgment. It breaks free the chains of repression. It grabs hold of the hands of the anguish and deems them beautiful. It takes a person from being devalued because of their actions to being valued because they are a person.

A second chance is grace in action.  A second chance is the story changer.

It takes someone from...

there to here unseen to seen forgotten to remembered lost to found drowning to swimming abandoned to rescued.

How do I know this?

Because my story was radically changed by grace.  Not because I am a great person or a person who has earned her way, but because I am a product of grace.   I am a second chance with skin on.

So why People of a "Second Chance"?

Because we are all walking second chances.