Unforgiveness Is Destroying Your Life

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Bitterness, unforgiveness and pridefulness are best friends. They secretly work together and are tightly woven into one another.

You see, when we harbor unforgiveness, it turns into bitterness in which we are then too prideful to humble ourselves, and surrender the pain and hurt that caused our unforgiving, bitter heart.

But remember this: Bitterness doesn’t lead to blessings. It leads to desolation.  

When we stay bitter and unforgiving, it begins to destroy us. It seeps into every corner of our life and brings about death. We end up alone and angry.

Forgiving sets our hearts free. It opens up our life to peace and joy. In our humility of forgiving, we learn to fully live. Forgiving isn’t letting someone else win, it is letting yourself win.

And sometimes, it isn’t someone else who needs forgiving, but ourself who we need to forgive. We need to forgive ourself for our past mistakes, the cruel things we say to our heart, and all the times we haven’t met our expectations.

Forgiveness requires grace.

We all need forgiveness and we all need grace and there’s enough to give.

Stop living defeated under the weight of bitterness, unforgiveness, and pridefulness.

Allow forgiveness, humility, joy, and freedom to come into your life. It’s waiting.

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Scott Pace