Every one of us has a story to tell.  It's taken a lifetime to write, and has more characters, plot lines, and twists than any other book written.  Our stories are complex, and when someone asks us to tell it, we often don't even know where to start.

So why is it that, when we see someone with a certain style of dress, or a certain type of car, or a certain address, we think we can sum their story up into one tidy statement?

He's poor.  She's trashy.  They're so ghetto.

We've all thought it, and we've probably even said it before.  But we also know better.

You looked at a proof of this image last week and saw labels like "poor," "not good enough," and "trashy."  We heard your hearts on this one, and hope you'll join us in rejecting these hurtful labels.

This is the last image in this Labels Lie portrait series, but the campaign is far from over. Expect even more from #labelslie in the near future, and join us in making this a year of Second Chances.

Join us by sharing these images, creating conversations online and donating a tweet. We would also want to hear your honest and raw stories of how #labelslie in your life.

These are the images we've shared during the series.  We refuse to accept them.  We refuse to use them.