Posted by Mike Foster:

Yesterday was a great day for NFL football lovers. Four great teams battled like maniacs to go to the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, both games ended with all the attention being put on 1 players HUGE mistake.

Billy Cundiff from the Baltimore Ravens missed an easy field goal that cost the Ravens the game. Kyle Williams from the 49ers became the goat by fumbling...twice...once in overtime allowing the Giants to win the game.

It's not fun being Billy or Kyle right now. This one hurts a lot!

Sometimes when you're the chump their isn't a lot you can do. Nothing you can change or take back. You'r stuck with...history. And the replays. And the ESPN commentary and trending topic on Twitter. You're stuck with the fact that millions of people just watched you choke.

These NFL players may not be able to do much but their teammates sure can.

This was demonstrated most clearly by the San Francisco 49ers who came to the strong defense of Kyle Williams.

Tight End Delanie Walker said, "We all lost this game...We play as a team -- it's 45 of us out there. It's not Kyle's fault, so don't go over there and act like it is. Cause it's not."

Josh Morgan, another 49ers receiver stood at Williams empty locker and told reporters:

"I'm talking for Kyle," Morgan said. "You have any questions, ask me. He's not talking today. I got it."

They had Kyle's back. When it was easy to throw the chump to the wolves, their teammates stood their ground in support...and acted like true champions.

And that's the way grace and second chances are suppose to work.

Mike Foster