How do you give a terrorist a second chance?  A mass-murdering terrorist?

It's a question that presents an opportunity to those who are committed to scandalous grace.  And honestly, it's as scandalous as it comes.

Osama bin Laden was -- whether you want to accept this or not -- a human being, like you and me. He had enemies, did evil things, and hurt people -- like you and me.  The scale is obviously different, but the condition is the same.

Worse yet, there's the practical problem of throwing an entire religion under the bus. Many associate the actions of Osama Bin Laden to represent the beliefs, values and opinions of an entire religion and its followers...

A recent surveyed showed that many Americans would be uncomfortable living next to a Muslim. Even more are scared to be on an airplane with a Muslim.

And yet the majority of those who practice Islam have done nothing wrong.  Still we refuse to show grace, respect and love.

We have sadly indicted an entire group of people because of fear and ignorance.

So, let's have this conversation.  How do you do it?  Why do you do it?

What does a second chance for terrorists look like?

And, how can we say we are second chance people if we bring such biases, judgments and skepticism towards people who practice Islam?

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