Dear Kim, I know life is tough right now after filing for divorce from Chris.

I'm sure you've learned this, especially the last few days, that people can be very cruel and mean. Especially at a time when what you really need is love...a listening ear...and support.

I'm so sorry about that. You see, we just don't realize that as we criticize and mock and say nasty things about you, we are really hurting ourselves. That it isn't really about you Kim, it is about us.

Someone once told me "Hurt People...Hurt People." It's true.

For a bunch of reasons our own grace tanks are empty and so we act pretty childish sometimes.

So it's just so much easier to hate on you then deal with our own crap.

I'm guilty too. I'm really good at pointing out other people's failures, marriage problems and stupid decisions. I'm trying to change this about myself.

Cuz I've learned more recently that standing up for second chances, defending those who are getting beat up in life and sticking my neck out for those going through a hard time is a much sweeter way to live.

Kim, I know you don't need any advice. You're super smart and you've got a great family and lots of friends who love you. You already know you will come out of this stronger, wiser and more focused then ever on what's truly important.

So just know that I and a bunch of People of the Second Chancer's are cheering you on and screaming at the top of our lungs, "Damn the critics and long live second chances!"

Hang in there. We love you.


Mike Foster (and a few thousand of his friends)

Mike Foster