Gavin Stevens was born with a hereditary disease that has left him blind.  In the video below, he navigates a curb for the first time, with the help of a cane and the encouragement of his family.  It's a cool clip ... check it out at the end of the story. While Gavin is clearly navigating the curb by himself, he's definitely not alone.  You can hear his mom giving guidance, reassurance, and support.  I doubt Gavin would have been able to take those important first steps if he was completely alone.

We're all in this together.  We can't do it alone, and we shouldn't leave others to either. As the video shows, having support doesn't diminish Gavin's accomplishment.  Rather, it gives him a way to share in the triumph.

Take that to heart the next time you're faced with someone in need of a hand -- especially if it's you.