By Mohan Karulkar: 281x211[1]Lil Wayne has not been having a good month. He's been having seizures, and was hospitalized last week.  Somehow, tabloid sites started reporting a variety of wild stuff:

  • He was on his deathbead.
  • His mom was on her way to authorize turning off life support.
  • He'd been given his last rites.

It turns out that, while his situation was serious, none of the above was quite true.  Still, the story spread, and before long, music fans everywhere were bracing for his death.

Then he tweeted this:

Lil Wayne was back from the dead!  Or, more accurately, people got the story wrong.  In the meantime, his family, friends, and fans were left thinking the worst, and conflicting hearsay reports ruled the day.

If you've ever had your story reported wrong, maybe you can relate.  Once something sensational gets started, it can be pretty hard to undo the damage.  In Wayne's case, the fact that he's still alive did the trick, but some people can spend years cleaning up  misinformation.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: think before you speak.  What you think is news could be nothing more than character assassination.  What you think is fact could be the kind of rumor that haunts someone forever.  We should be helping people find their second chances, not making it harder for them.


Have you ever had misinformation get in the way of your comeback?  Share your story below!