What do you enjoy most about being a cyborg? neil-harbisson[1]That's a weird question, right? And, for most of us, it isn't a question that really makes a lot of sense. But, for Neil Harbisson, it makes perfect sense. In fact, this whole paragraph is one giant pun, because, 10 years ago, Harbisson was implanted with a device that gave him a 6th sense.

NO, really, he was. It's an electronic eye that converts colors into sound, and relays the signal through something called "bone conduction." Basically, Harbisson has a 3rd eye that let's him see colors. He was born colorblind, but now everything from a plate of food to an art museum is a symphony, heard through a sense completely separate from his normal hearing.

His answer to the above question, taken from this interview, is awesome:

"What do you enjoy most about being a cyborg?" "The sense that there's never an end. There are no limits. I had this feeling that I would never perceive color, and now I can perceive as much color as I wish."

And that's what second chances are all about -- life's most beautiful paradoxes. Impossible to limitless. Never to neverending. Lost to found.

If you're feeling lost, or limited, or impossible, make today your #noquitmonday. We're standing with you, and we know there's more to you -- and your future -- than the things holding you back today.

By the way, if you're interested in the cyborg stuff, check out Neil's TED Talk. You can even hear colors like he does...