Welcome to the new POTSC.COM!  You'll find a completely new layout and structure that we hope does a better job of telling you who we are.  Head to our new front page and scroll through (or click through the navigation labels on the right), and we know you'll get our message loud and clear!

  1. We are all beautiful, and we've tried to make our site beautiful as well!  You'll see more of our art, more of our character, and more of our creativity at the new POTSC.com.
  2. Our stories matter, and now it's easier to find them and contribute them.  Whether it's the blog, one of our exclusive videos, or snapshots of our members on Pinterest, there's no shortage of content to challenge and inspire you.  There are also more ways to contribute than ever, so tell us your story!
  3. We want to help, and we've got lots of ways to do it.  Coaching, resources, and our new program FREEWAY are great ways to get started.

These are just a few things to check out.  Have a look around and let us know what you think; we're excited for the new POTSC.COM, and all the exciting things to come!