By Jarrid Wilson:

Growing up, we all had things we swore we'd never do. We all had dreams we wished to accomplish. And we all had an idea of the person we wanted to be. But what happens when that changes? What happens when those dreams don't come true? And what happens when you realize you're not the person you hoped to be?

I'd be lying to you if I told you I've never done any of the following:

1. Lied 2. Stolen 3. Cheated 4. Done drugs 5. Had sex before marriage 6. Took depression medication 7. Took advantage of a friendship 8. Tried to commit suicide 9. Done something illegal 10. Pretended everything was ok

The truth is that 8/10 of those are actually true. And even though I can NEVER change the fact these circumstances took place, I can definitely coat them with the power of Grace and beauty of a second chance.

My life has been covered by an ocean of failures, mistakes and wrong doings. But the beautiful  thing behind failure, is that it's the first step in finding a second chance.

Looking back, I am thankful I experienced my darkened days. And even though I am not necessarily proud of those dark days, the sunny ones now mean so much more to me.

I am thankful for living. I am thankful for breathing. And I am thankful that by the Grace of God, I have been given a second chance.

My name is Jarrid Wilson, and I am People of the Second Chance.