By Tim Thurman: According to Google, I am a former lawyer, a former law professor, and a former managing partner at a law firm.  I am former because now I am a convicted felon.  I am also divorced and estranged from my children.  All in all, according to the world, I am a failure.

There are times when I live in fear.  Too often, I care about what people think of me.  I am fearful that a girl will never again “friend” me on Facebook, “follow” me on Twitter, or give me her number.

I am scared that if I tell people my story, I will be written off.  I am worried that people will stop reading my blog.  I am afraid that I will not be given a chance to explain -- and that I will no longer have a voice.

I am scared that I will not be forgiven.

And those are the times I let the world define me.

But the thing is, if you get your identity from the world, you will never measure up.  The world will tell you that you are too fat, or too much in debt, or that it is bad to be single (or married), or that you do not make enough money, or that you are a failure.  The world will constantly knock you down and tell you that you are a disappointment.

The world is wrong.

Let’s choose instead to listen to something bigger than the world.  We are children of the Creator, and He gives us a clean slate.  We are forgiven, and offered a life free of fear -- free of caring what others think.  God has great plans for each of us, no matter where we have been or what we have done.

I believe in a God of second chances.  I am People of the Second Chance.