Posted by Mike Foster:

Last month my 1993 Toyota Camry died a horrible death. It was a sad day as my family and I had to put her under. She served me proudly for many years.

My wife wasn't interested in being a 1 car family so I had to find a vehicle.

I wanted cheap. Used. Practical. And good gas mileage. So I bought a 2009 Smart Car.

But I wanted to take it a step further.

I needed my little car to be a part of the POTSC community and help us get the word out about grace. I was going to put it to work.

So Josh from Ghostlight designed it and Primary Color wrapped it.

And now we have an 1800 pound intern that needs a really cool "creative" name.

The winner gets a shirt, wristband and our new Gracenomics small groups experience.

What should we call it? Any suggestions? Comment below.