Posted by Mike Foster: We all have them. Those dreadfully frustrating days where you have just had enough of all the crap and you say the words, "I'M DONE WITH THIS!"

The pressure has been building. The grind has finally worn you down. You feel empty inside. You want to quit.

The marriage is loveless, sexless and you're tired of the you want to walk out.

The job and the boss suck and they aren't paying you enough to do this ridiculous crap.

You have devoted every waking second to make your dream happen and you're not getting anywhere.

You're sick of the criticism from the vocal minority at your church and those notes on how you can improve your sermons are starting to piss you off.

I'm not sure what your situation might be but I know these days are real.

I've had way too many of them in my life. In fact, had one a few weeks ago.

I call these days NO QUIT MONDAYS!

Where in spite of ALL the incredibly compelling reasons to give up the stay the course.

You keep working it. You reframe your thinking. You invite someone in to help. You go to a movie or have a beer. You do whatever you need to do to get you through this day. You give yourself and the situation a second chance.

So my advice to you. Hang in there. Practice tenacity. Now is not the time to throw in the towel.

So have you had a No Quit Monday(or Wednesday) recently?