A Present For Planned Parenthood

Written by Steve Austin

Many of us were glued to the news last Friday, as the story of the shooting in Colorado Springs unfolded. A lone gunman killed three people and wounded nine others at a Planned Parenthood clinic. This past Tuesday, my friend Sarah sent me a text that read, “I think I’m going to take flowers to Planned Parenthood.”

I laughed and rolled my eyes, because this is just like Sarah. Audacious, out of the box. Maybe a little bit crazy. But then unconditional love is a little bit crazy.

Then, Wednesday, she posted this on Facebook:


This pro-life, single, thirtysomething student at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry has absolutely nothing in common with Planned Parenthood. Yet she decided she would overthrow judgment and liberate love. Sarah took a bouquet of roses and a letter of apology to her local Planned Parenthood office on behalf of Christians who believe love has no political affiliation.

Hers wasn’t simply a random act of kindness. It was an intentional movement toward the other side, on behalf of someone who believes strongly in second chances for everyone.

In her letter, she made a statement that will stay with me. “Some say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well I think the road to reconciliation is paved with seeing those intentions, celebrating them and then seeing how we can change for the better.”

Unconditional love doesn’t have caveats. There’s no fine print, no terms and conditions, no waiting for someone to act the way I think they should. Celebrating humanity starts by making sure everyone we meet knows they matter. Vulnerability, honesty, and humility are the launching pad for reconciliation.

View the original interview here: http://iamsteveaustin.com/2015/12/04/the-christian-who-thanked-planned-parenthood/

Steve Austin is a blogger, family man and photographer capturing the story of his life and others in a way that points to God's power and purpose. View his website at iamsteveaustin.com.


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