stop self-bullying & start owning your story


Access our new 4-part video course, Moving out of Victimville, that teaches you how to own your story and move onward.  Companion e-book included!

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Have you ever felt stuck and like your life was going nowhere? Sometimes all we need in these seasons of life is to take an honest look at how we sabotage our own stories. In this fast-paced 4-part E-course and E-book, best-selling author and pastor, Mike Foster, unpacks helpful tips, strategies and key insights into how to finally break free of the victim mindset. 


Session 1:
Learn The 3 Destructive Beliefs Of The Victim Mindset

Session 2:
Identify The 3 Signs That You Are Owning Your Story
Session 3:
Discover The 7 Key Phrases Of A Victim And An Owner

Session 4:
When You've Been Hurt, Who Do You Call?