Happy New Year, People of the Second Chance! It’s been an incredible 2011.  We’ve cheered along with every story of triumph, and cried along with every story of pain.  We’ve been challenged to confront the limits of our grace through Never Beyond, and we’ve stared hatred in the face through Labels Lie.  We’ve heard from pastors, mobsters, singers, artists, ex-cons, and everything in between.  Our readership grew and our reach expanded.

And you know what?  It’s just the beginning.

2012 holds even more for POTSC – which is so much more than just this website.  You are as much a part of this movement as anything else, and we can’t wait to hear more of your stories.  In launching the new year right, we’re excited to share some thoughts on guest submissions, which will make it even easier to get involved.

These are the keywords that get us excited: Personal.  Specific.  Raw.  Risky.  Engaging.  Empowering.

Write from your heart. Even if your story doesn’t feel like a blockbuster, it matters.

Let us help. Allow POTSC to help you craft your story.  From brainstorming to editing, we’re here to help and empower you.

Remember your audience. POTSC’s audience is large and varied, and our scope continues to increase.  Not everyone comes from the same personal, religious, geographic, social, or family circumstance. Avoid terminology that alienates people outside your “circle.”  (Christianese, highly technical language, offensive speech, etc)

Writing is an honor. POTSC has a reach in the tens of thousands.  Remember that writing for the blog is an honor!  Respect the platform, and help promote it when your voice is added.

Be flexible. Sometimes we get a little behind.  Sometimes we have to change plans.  Sometimes we misplace an email.  Sometimes we cut things out.  And sometimes we won’t be able to use your submission.  But no matter what, remember that we appreciate you and love you.

Do your homework. Before writing, familiarize yourself with POTSC articles, videos, and other materials, to get a feel for our heart and voice.  When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Still up for sharing?  If so, contact us and let us know!  We’ll get the process started – we can’t wait to hear your story!

Happy 2012 everyone -- we're excited for an another incredible year.