Why We Should Welcome Hard Times

Storms don’t just destroy. They heal.

When it comes to the storms that threaten our lives, most of us find ourselves scurrying and scattering in desperate attempts to manage, control, reduce, and contain them rather than face them head on. Why? Because we sometimes forget to see how the storm is helping us “sail our ship” better.

Every storm we face is an opportunity to be better and braver on the other side.

It gives us an unfair advantage in our own story. The rocky marriage, the struggling writing career, the fight through our addiction or the battle through our low self-esteem has given us a strength we would never have acquired in sunny weather.

There is something about the worn face of someone who has been through many a storm.

With every line, crease, and scar there is also a confidence, peacefulness, and wisdom.

Whatever the trial is, freedom is around the bend.

Set sail. Welcome the storm. Be not afraid

Scott Pace