Posted by Mike Foster: Have you ever had an email come out the wrong way? All of sudden a simple email turns into an eruption of drama, misunderstanding or even worse.

Trust me I know ALL about this!! You may too!

When 2000 people were surveyed about email etiquette researchers found:

20 percent of people admitted to sending an inappropriate email in the heat of the moment.

31 percent hit "reply all" instead of "reply" by mistake.

13 percent have mistakenly sent an email insulting a colleague to the person they are insulting.

So I read this weekend about a new product called ToneCheck that according to their website "helps people communicate more effectively and prevents employees from saying stupid things."

Basically it is a program that judges your "tone" and "language" that you use in an email. You set your "tone tolerance" level in the program and then it scans your email to make sure that you don't get too sassy...or even worse.

It finds phrases that are deemed "angry" or "humiliating" and warns the author of the email to change the language.

In a very short period of time over 20,000 people have signed up for the ToneCheck service.

So have you ever had an email go out that you wish you could get back?

Do you have any tips that you use to keep from sending those regrettable raging emails?

Mike Foster