hurt_locker_poster Posted by Mike Foster:

A mistake we make when we hit rock bottom is that we fail to disclose ALL the relevant details. When we are caught, we only confess 80% of our crap instead of bringing everything into the light.

When we do this it is like leaving a ticking time bomb in place. We failed to clear our lives of future potential pain and destruction from our past.

We share 1 of the 2 affairs. We confess the drug addiction but forget to mention we embezzled company funds to pay for it. We hold back relevant details and fall short of true confession.

It is tragic to me when we waste this best opportunity to bring everything into the light. No strings attached. No ticking time bombs still left from our current life.

Full confession is critical, otherwise we set a path for "partial" restoration or even worse, another huge blow up in the future.

So why do you think when we are caught, we think it's better to hold back some of the relevant details, and leave the ticking time bomb in place?

Mike Foster