Posted by Mike Foster: I'm picky. I like 30% of the movies the rest of America likes. I'm particular about almost everything. I'm typically skeptical of what everyone loves.

I'm especially snobbish about what I laugh at. And trust me I love to laugh and do it a lot. But humor for me has to be honest and from a real place. It has to be smart and humble.

That's why I LOVE Tyler Stanton!!!!!

I think he is brilliant. He makes me laugh ALL the time. His blog rocks! I'm glad he is my friend and I'm stoked he has a brand new book out.

"Everyday Absurdities" is a must have. His brand new book is twice as funny as the show 60 minutes and it only costs 8.9 cents per page.

So please leave this blog now and go here to meet this man of superb brilliance.

Everyday Absurdities Book Promo from Tyler Stanton on Vimeo.

Mike Foster