Posted by Mike Foster: On a Fox News show this week Tucker Carlson said this:

"I'm a Christian, I've made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances, but Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should've been executed for that. He wasn't, but the idea that the President of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs? Kind of beyond the pale."

Tucker Carlson is not the enemy but his beliefs are.

I'm sorry but you can't say you believe in second chances and then drop a bomb of judgment on someone's head. These two ideas do not even exist in the same universe...let alone the same sentence.

I'm sure Tucker might be rethinking his Michael Vick statement. I'm sure he just wanted to be outrageous and capture headlines. Congrats Tucker...it worked.

But second chance people believe this...

It's time to overthrow judgment and liberate Love. People of the Second Chance are dedicated to doing Gracenomics transactions.

And we believe in beautiful and redemptive second chances for dog killers...and newscasters...and me.

So what are your thoughts?