year-book-pic2Posted by Mike Foster:

Above is a picture from my High School year book that I hate. I don't show this photo to anyone.

But these days every picture that you see of me on my Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Books, Conference stuff, and anywhere else is taken by a professional. Nice lighting. Mega super expensive camera. Photoshop of course!

All the pics of me looking like a dweeb, or stoned, or like I'm trying too hard to look important have been illiminated from the Mike Foster "portofolio."

And you do the same thing. But let's be straight...none of us REALLY look like that most of the time. Maybe us looking sexy is getting a little out of control. Especially in social media.


So this week I thought we could do an experiment. Let's replace all our "nice-professional-photoshop-hair-looking-fab-pics-we-really-like-of-ourselves" with "REAL" photos of us. Change your Twitter. Facebook. Blog. Remove the sexy and put the #REALME up.

Low res camera pics. Christmas morning rats nest hair photos. Bad lighting and goofy looks. Close ups and flabby neck photos. No photoshopin' here! No shame here! No image or brand management! Just a snapshot of reality.

And here is the point of the experiment!!! Your value is in you. Not your sexiness. You are beautiful even when you think you are ugly, geeky, or when a photo is unflattering. We love and prefer the REAL YOU!

So I'm changing out my Twitter, Facebook, and blog pics with photos I don't really like of myself. Plus I'm going to tweet(#REALME) and post a few others that are uncomfortable and "real" this week.

Would love for you to join me in this little experiment! And if you want to help, blog it and tweet it. The more peeps involved the more fun!

UPDATED: 1. What Tony is doing on his blog is the next level of #REALME

2. Was texting with Anne this morning and she gave me a heads up on this video she made last week! Love it!

Mike Foster