Posted by Jud Wilhite: The ultimate mind-freak is not Criss Angel, although some of his magic is pretty freaky.

I believe the ultimate mind-freak is realizing that the universe is truly, utterly, and completely about God, and thus not about me, and finding my greatest happiness in celebrating this reality.

The Bible says, “For everything comes from [God] and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! (Rom. 11:36).” It is not that some things or a few things are intended for his glory, but that everything exists to give God glory.

From galaxies, constellations, black holes and shooting stars to love, purpose and beauty, from things physical and concrete to the realm of spiritual and emotional—all of reality was made and designed for the public declaration of God’s infinite worth.

As I understand this truth, my framework shifts from being me-centered to God-centered. The universe was not created for me, but him. It’s not about me, but him.

Nothing could be more important in this time of self-help and reality television and Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets and indie everything than realizing that we are not the main attraction of this world.

Our daily challenges and decisions become opportunities to live for God’s glory. As we reorient our lives around God, we have the opportunity more and more to join creation in turning up the volume on God’s worth.

This is the single most important lesson I’ve learned in my own valleys. By reorienting everything back to where it belongs around God, I find my footing again.