appealingPosted by Mike Foster:

A big mistake we make in life is to base our happiness on a "PLEASURE FLASH." This is where our life simply jumps from one pleasure to another pleasure. It is a flash of joy and excitement....and then it is over. It is the fast food(junk food) of our souls.

Here is what I mean:

1. Your happiness at work will not be sustained by a pay raise or a year end bonus.

2. Healthy sexuality is not found in a one night stand, 15 minutes of love making with your spouse, or in a porn binge.

3. An exciting worship experience every Sunday will never lead to a sustainable faith.

4. Losing 10 pounds in two weeks will not overcome your dissatisfaction with your body.

5. Buying the "brand of your dreams" will only lead to you wanting more.

6. Winning the game, getting the book deal, or writing the hit song, will never satisfy.

A PLEASURE FLASH can bring excitement, but never happiness.

So right now, take a moment and identify the quick highs in your life.

Is it possible that it is THESE VERY THINGS that are responsible for leaving you empty?

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