Posted by Mike Foster:

The trophy pictured above is mine. I got it for playing baseball when I was kid. Back in 1977.

I was on the Pirates. It was Farjardo Park baseball....and honestly, some 30 years later, I don't remember anything about it or why I got it.

I'm not sure if I played well. Or if i struck out a lot. I don't know what position I played in the field. I don't know who was on my team or if we won many games.

I guess at the time I'm sure this trophy meant something to me.

I probably put it on a shelf, in my room, for a year or so.

But now fast forward 30 years and I recently found this trophy in my garage. Behind some books and a dusty old bottle of Windex.

It basically means nothing to me now. I'm tempted to just throw it away. Seriously, what am I going to do with it?

However, finding this baseball trophy did serve as pursue things that will matter to me 30 years from now.

I think this should be the pursuit of us all. The awards, the raises, the accolades, the attention, the amount of Twitter followers, and the trophies are all temporary...and ultimately empty.

Let's abandon the things that will just end up our garage decades later...collecting dust...and let's pursue the remarkable and the memorable. Let's change the world with grace.