Posted by Mike Foster:

This past Sunday I walked 10 miles with 40lbs of bundled wood on my back with some amazing people from the Paradigm Project and Invisible Children.

POTSC was participating in The Paradigm Project's Woodwalk from San Diego to Los Angeles. 11 days. 136 miles. All to raise awareness and dollars.

Click here for pictures and video.

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Why are we walking? Because every day hundreds of millions of women carry massive 40-60 pound bundles of wood on their backs and cook every meal over an open fire.

Just this simple activity of cooking puts an incredible daily burden on the women and the ramifications of the smoke destroys their health.

The Paradigm Project provides a $40 stove to these women which revolutionizes the negative impact of cooking and gathering wood.

We finished this incredible day at Moment Church and shared about what we can all do to help.

Click here to support and learn more about the Woodwalk and Paradigm.

Photos by Austin Mann.


Mike Foster