By Mohan Karulkar: "If she hadn't given me that hug, he would have turned right into me."

Kristi Rendahl was saved by a hug. On her way home from an event, she missed a truck that crossed into her lane by seconds. The truck rolled into a ditch, and as she went to check on the driver, she thought about her own mother's car-crash death ... and the hug from earlier in the evening that saved her life by the few seconds it delayed her.

Call it God's grace, or the butterfly effect, or pure coincidence. In any case, our lives are full of second chances we'll never know about. Things that might have been, but weren't, for whatever reason.

Life -- even at it's seeming worst -- if full of secret grace. I do believe that some of it comes from God, but I also know that some of it comes from others who choose grace and never tell. People who make the lives of those around them better, with no credit and no strings.

I want my acts of grace to be like that -- small things that add up to huge things.  Secret things that change lives.

What's your story of secret grace?  What small thing has made a big difference in your life?

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