By Jarrid Wilson:

As the waves begin to surround you and the sun begins to set, you've realized you've done it again. You've put yourself in a situation that led to failure, judgment, and resentment. And while a sea of treacherous waves begins to rise and crush your feeble body, you realize that you're helpless, lost and afraid.

"How did I end up here!?" you ask. "Where did I go wrong!?"

And while you rewind and replay the events that occurred within your head, you realize it actually was your fault. You realized you've not only judged and condemned, but failed in a miserable way.

As the temperature of the water gets colder and the waves that surround you get bigger, it begins to get harder and harder for you to stay a afloat. The shame begins to set in and the tears begin to stream from your bobbing head. You give out a loud voice shouting, "I'm sorry! I never meant for it to be like this."

And as your voice gets lost in the sound of the wind and crashing waves, you realize you're alone, tired, and sorry. You wish you could go back and change the way you did things, but what's done is done.

But just as you begin to give up and let your body begin it's plunge to the darkened depths of failure, you spot something in the distance. You can't make out what it is, but it looks to be floating towards you. As you scramble to stay afloat, you use every last ounce of strength to make your way towards this unknown object.

As you struggle to make your way to the unknown object, you see another one. And another. And another. Until you realize you are surround by them.

As you finally reach the one closest to you, you realize what it is. It's a small orange life-raft, and written across the top is the word "GRACE."

You realize you have been given a second chance. You've been given hope. You've been shown grace.

As you make your way into the small floating device, the temperature, waves and wind don't seem as scary any more. In fact, you completely forget about them as your mind is now more focused on the people you need to apologize to.

So today, on NO QUIT Monday, remember that failure isn't the end -- it's the first step in finding grace and a second chance.