By Mike Foster:

Last week, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts returned to live television.

She departed in August to undergo a bone marrow transplant to battle cancer.

The millions that watched would agree that she hit a homerun with the debut!

But what I loved the most is that she showed up with no hair. Yes, no hair!

What I found so inspiring and brave was that she showed up as she was, not as she hopes to be.

Though I would always support any cancer victim's choice that they would make about their appearance, I loved how Robin just went for it! No wig. No hair piece. This is me today and this is who I am.

I loved that she bravely showed what a real comeback looks like. It's not perfect. It doesn't have to be fully worked out. A comeback is a process.

You just show up with what you got and go for it! No shame. Head held high! Let's go!

So today is "No Quit Monday." Robin isn't quitting and you shouldn't either.


Mike Foster