By the POTSC team:

  1. Because of YOUR support, we have had over 149 people sacrificially donated a tweet for POTSC! By lending your platform, we are reaching over 95,000 people with the message of second chances and grace. This clearly communicates how vital each individual is in sharing the message. Thank you for being generous with your contribution!

  3. YOUR story matters and it’s beautiful. YOUR voice is needed. YOUR advocacy makes POTSC real to people. Your story has the ability to keep others from giving up on a second chance. Your story counters the lies of vulture-culture. Your story puts a beautiful face on the words People of the Second Chances. Chime in on Facebook and be heard.

  5. Our GRACE MOB – the heartbeat of POTSC is growing and infusing tangible grace in action daily. Standing with the overlooked, outcasted, thrown away, rejected, these grace mobsters are radically changing the perspective of grace one life at a time. JOIN US!

  7. Sometimes it is hard to dispense grace to ourselves. This powerful message from Mike, shares life-changing truths in how to live a life where grace invades. If you have not had a chance to watch Mike’s message on Healing, Hope & Second Chances from Moment Church- check it out!

  9. Unleashing the hope and truth of second chances into our churches is something we are called to. From his book “Gracenomics”, Mike has created a tool for churches to use in taking everyone’s knowledge and experience of grace to a deeper level with the end goal of them becoming radical agents of grace in communities all over the world. Interested in shifting culture and invading your church with the message of POTSC? Check our new GRACE GRACENOMICS SMALL GROUPS

  11. Emmanuel’s story exemplifies how there is a second chance for everyone no matter the label of the circumstance. Watch his story unfold in this video , then dispense grace by sharing it with your circle of influence. You have no idea who it could impact to move forward in their second chance.

  13. And we want to celebrate the message of POTSC by giving away five advance copies of the new POTSC poster pictured above! To enter the drawing, just comment below on why YOU are POTSC. We will choose the winner by random... We love you- each of you POTSC REBELS & GRACISTS!