Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 5.37.45 PMPosted by Jud Wilhite

I’m convinced the most powerful communication of God’s truth is communicated through our brokenness. That’s what I love about our friend Anne Jackson’s new book Permission to Speak Freely. It is filled with people’s honest statements, doubts, struggles and hope. Not to mention that the artwork is moving and the book is beautiful.

Too often Church can feel like a Christian version of the prom. Everybody dresses up their brokenness and hides their pain. Everything looks good, right? Anne pulls the curtain back to show us what’s really happening in the hearts and minds of many people.

Anne’s writing throughout the book brings healing and perspective and there is great insight in just realizing you aren’t alone with your struggle or a pain.

Pick up Permission to Speak Freely and share it with others as encouragement. It is a awesome book that reminds us we don’t have to stand alone in the struggle!

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