Tuesday nights are quickly becoming the highlight of our week.  The honesty, the openness, the support ... it's a beautiful, moving, piece of art! Each week, we discuss a topic that has been stirring in the community -- a topic that needs to be discussed.  And from that topic, we get conversation, interaction, insight, and hopefully, a fresh perspective.

This past Tuesday night, we talked about leaping out of our comfort zonea.  Comfort zones lead to inaction, complacency, and stagnation.  Here are some powerful quotes from Tuesday night:

  • @soworthloving: we make leaving our comfort zones a daily pursuit not only because we need it, but because others need it
  • @ashleyasmith: Overthrow judgement. The comfort zone of hate... Live in love & get real comfort in hope.
  • @jakedudley: When you leave your comfort zone it allows you to see the stories of the people you encounter everyday. They matter.
  • @JeremyBarr: We have to remind each other to step out of our comfort zones daily. It's part of our community

I found a poem online, author unknown, that I think speaks perfectly to last night's conversation:

I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I wouldn't fail.
 The same four walls and busywork were really more like jail.
 I longed so much to do the things I'd never done before,
 But stayed inside my comfort zone and paced the same old floor.

I said it didn't matter that I wasn't doing much. 
I said I didn't care for things like commission checks and such. I claimed to be so busy with the things inside the zone, But deep inside I longed for something special of my own.

I couldn't let my life go by just watching others win. I held my breath; I stepped outside and let the change begin. I took a step and with new strength I'd never felt before, I kissed my comfort zone goodbye and closed and locked the door.

If you're in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out, Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt.
 A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true. Reach for your future with a smile; success is there for you!

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